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"Love your work"  2014

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I have always loved words, in books, in songs, as they come out of peoples mouths.  On this page I share some small bits of writing, some of it has been to accompany a painting, some of it my own ramblings when I am trying to make sense of my world. Words and I seem to have a very strong relationship, I am known as a talker  (probably too much so!!!), I was writing songs and poetry in my early teens and now at this stage of life and as a painter I still love words and they have become a very significant part of my paintings.  I accredit this love of words to my Irish DNA, Irish people love to talk, to sing words and of course to write. I hope you find some nourishment in my musings,






From The series of paintings Ten Letters to a young artist after Rainer Maria Rilke.








       Be gentle with your work, treat it like a small child.

      Respect it's infancy and protect it from criticism.

In the early stages, your work needs support and nurture.

Like a seed it has the potential to grow into something that amazes even you,

 the one who is working with the Universe to bring it into being





Stay connected to your passion

feed it

stay awake

the world is full of inspiration

go outside

look inside

follow your intuition

do what feels right

seek joy

create from an inspired state of being

Getting inspired IS the work

the rest.....

is easy






Trust yourself

Trust life




Don't give up



DON"T give up

if you need a rest...have one

refresh your spirit

spend time appreciating your world

Then get back to it!

change direction if you want

begin something that excites you

feel the energy rise and flow

find your bliss and keep going




Whatever your expectation, that's what will be

When you expect success you emit a vibration that draws it to you

expect to succeed

settle for nothing less


Love your work


You must love what you do

Love the challenges and the frustrations 

they are pathways to new levels of work

love the isolation

 love being a conduit for that which is yet unsaid

and then 

love and appreciate the beauty you bring forth


Take risks


take the unknown way

risk creating something that may be ridiculed

because it is new

be true to yourself

don't look to anyone else for validation

the greatest risks yield the greatest harvest




What is success?

it's creating work that YOU love 

Success in the world will follow when you believe in yourself

Be happy for others when they do well

there is room for everyone

measure your success by the joy you feel


Be Patient


Everything is unfolding perfectly 

if you can find reasons to be happy and appreciate all that you already have

then know that everything else you want is on its way

be patient with yourself

be patient with life

enjoy the journey

you will never have this day again


Live life to the full


Go out into the world and soak it up

then retreat from it and create your art

as an artist you need to do both

Life is meant to be fun

you can do it all

just not all at once





Find something beautiful

Linger there

Let the beauty permeate your cells

Feel it move you

In giving your attention to what is beautiful

You let go of pain

You amplify all that is good in life

And release all that is not

It's so simple

Look at a photo

Remember a place or a time when you were happy

This is the secret to creating a wonderful life

Always look for the good

Turn away from what upsets

Then watch......

As your life blooms



Life is not to be lived in the shallows


Life is not to be lived in the shallows

but in the depths

where beauty resides

and love cannot hide


Life is an ocean and we are born to swim

to dive

to float

to explore

always moving

always in pursuit of an ever shifting horizon


The ocean calls

 deep I dive

to know who I am

Life is not to be lived in the shallows