The Creativity Workshop - Nurturing your inner artist.

I have a five weeks (2 hours a week) Creativity Workshop - Nurturing your inner artist, starting on Tuesday 19th May from 7 - 9 pm. I have decided as it's winter it will be nice to host it at my home/studio.  If you have a yearning to create and to live more joyfully then come join me in a supportive environment as we ask the big questions that will give you clarity, confidence and a way forward with your creative aspirations.  Life is short and you can't postpone your dreams forever. 

Email me if there is anything else you'd like to know. 

I am really excited to be doing this life changing work with you, and the course will also be fun!!!

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 She handed us some blank pieces of paper and prompted us to fill them in.... In this basic description of Tracey's workshop practice I wish to highlight her unique ability to facilitate (rather than preach) creativity. In her own words, Tracey has explained that "Part of the process of creation is clarity...knowing what we want to create" and how we want to create ourselves. As I learnt this I can tell you, my (once) silent writing hand wept across those empty pages. Thank you Tracey for gifting me your wise words x 

  • — lisa on Apr 9, 2015.

  •  Tracey thank you for the opportunity to tap more deeply into my own unique creativity and your help to remove blocks that were limiting my creativity! I look forward to continuing the work! Your support has been invaluable. I wish you every success in continuing this inspiring work! xx 

    — Xenia H on Apr 7, 2015.

  •  Tracey's workshop, based on solid practical and theoretical foundations of spontaneity, artistic creativity and spiritual insight, has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process itself. The opportunity to create, and receive feedback for my own musical project, and to present it in the workshop was an exciting learning experience for me personally. Tracey has led and encouraged by the example of her own remarkable artistic, teaching, and personal growth experiences. Her warmth and supportiveness created an enjoyable overall experience for all participants. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wishing to explore and/or further their own creativity. 

    — Anthony Raymond on Mar 30, 2015.



  •  I just received a lovely review from Vanessa an extremely creative person that attended my Hurstville workshop, here's what she said. " Hi Tracey, Absolutely loved your class! Informative, mind creating and fun. It kickstarted my creativity and gave me back the confidence I'd lost over the years. Have got so many projects and have made starts on all instead of procrastinating. Thank you so much. Regards Vanessa". with this review and the others below I am looking forward to getting my next workshops underway. Tracey ”

    — Tracey Levett Art on Apr 10, 2015.